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Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce

Berthoud Colorado Barn Quilt Trail


The Berthoud Barn Quilt Trail project creates a community that illuminates the historic, ranching, agriculture family heritage and local businesses of the area in a creative and innovative way. Our goal is to attract visitors to the area to tour the quilt artwork displayed on barns, businesses and other buildings.

We look forward to these visitors eating and shopping in Berthoud while they are here.

WELCOME to the Berthoud Barn Quilt Trail hosted by the Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce in an effort to celebrate the local agricultural heritage and support local business.

This quilt trail is inspired by many other successful quilt trails throughout the United States. There are over five counties in Colorado that enjoy active Quilt Trails that contribute to the support of their local economies and celebrate local heritage. Quilt trails have generated visits from thousands of history buffs and shoppers annually. The cost to you to participate is minimal but the reward for your involvement community significant. In our inaugural year we hope to begin a tradition that will encourage community spirit and attract visitors to enjoy the camaraderie and beauty of our town.

How Can You Participate?

Complete a Barn Quilt application and return to the Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce for review and approval of design with payment for desired quilt kit size. Once the design is approved, the chamber will bring your quilt block to you along with masking tape. Please mark on the application whether you will use your own paint, need to attend a painting event or need someone to paint it for you (which will cost more).

Quilt block kits will be offered in various sizes from 1’x1’, 2’x2’  3’x3’, 4’x4’ blocks that will be primered and ready for painting. Kits will include guidelines for transferring quilt design to block, painting techniques, and “how to” instructions for hanging the final project. The Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce will hold several painting parties where you can work along with your community friends and fuel your creative drive.

Once the quilt block is complete and prominently displayed, your quilt will be listed in the full-color brochure and map of all the quilt blocks on the trail. Our goal is to have the first brochure map produced in 2019 and will be added to the Berthoud Visitor online app as well.

We hope you consider being part of the Berthoud Barn Quilt Trail and the join the efforts of the Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce.


1’x1’ is $35                 2’x2’ is $65

3’x3’ is $115               4’x4’ is $155

Quilt block must be completed and mounted before contacting the chamber office to be put on the Berthoud Barn Quilt Trail map..




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